Environment & Sustainability

At Hillview, we are taking steps to play our part in sustainable environmental improvement by:

  • Recycling waste, e.g. glass, cans, plastic, papers, etc.
  • Composting garden waste.
  • Saving any food waste & distributing to the hens.
  • Requesting guests to indicate to us if they need towels replaced each day by leaving them on the floor of the shower tray — alternatively if they do need to be replaced please leave them on the towel rail in the bathroom.
  • environment_sustainability
  • Using & promoting local produce where possible.
  • Using CFL bulbs.
  • Providing advice on local routes for walking, angling & cycling.
  • Waste & recycling bins available
  • Recycle old clothes to local school cash for cobbler helps raise funds for the school
  • Encouraging guests to turn off lights when leaving the premises.
  • Adjusting radiator valves to suit (avoid having the heating on & windows open)

As a family-friendly B&B in a rural location, we strive daily to protect & nuture our natural environment. We care about the world & what we will pass on to our children.